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All Marine Lines : As with all safety equipment the boat owner, operator, user  has the final responsibility to ensure the safety of the craft
and all on board.
This Tank Holder equipment : As with all safety sensitive equipment, it must be checked for proper installation and operation each time before setting out on the water.
The main applications for our ropes are recreational marine, power boats, sail boats, PWC personal water craft, fishing boats, pontoon boats, house boats, floating docks, canoes, rafts, etc:.

We also sell to other users for climbing ropes, arborist ropes, agriculture applications, electrical industries,
commercial fishing, recovery ropes used by Fire & Police Departments, Search and Rescue, ATV's
and small aircraft tie downs

All of our DOCK LINES,ANCHOR LINES, FENDER LINES, PWC DOCK LINES are double braid nylon ropes. Nylon rope will stretch (elastic) when a load is applied, the elastic elongation is approx 20%.

The main benefit of this property is that nylon rope will absorb a certain amount of shock loading at Mooring/Docking and at Anchorage.
DOCK LINES We cut our ropes to length splice a loop into one end and heat seal the other end to prevent the lines

ANCHOR LINES We splice a stainless steel thimble onto one end of rope and heat seal the other end to prevent the lines from unraveling.

ANCHOR RODES We splice a length stainless steel chain, usually 1/2 the diameter of the rope, (1/4 dia Chain-1/2 dia Rope) onto one end of rope and heat seal the other end to prevent the lines from unraveling.
25+ Years in Business : 100+ Years of Experience
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